There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of getting bored ,while your at Triple B, what with the levelled pool table, WiFi, daily newspaper in English and a plethora of sporting events such as, Australian football league, rugby league, rugby union, premier league, grand prix, basketball, baseball and golf. With the perfect ambience, stylish interior, numerous fans and evaporative air conditioning, running at a cool 32 degrees, Triple B is a great place to be for all the action.

Party with Foreigners

With live music from Wednesday to Sunday, Triple B is a music lover’s delight, as they have “open mike” night’s, boasting a full complement of musical instrument’s including percussion, rattle’s, drum kit, bongo’s, base, lead, electric acoustic, stage and six microphone’s. This establishment is well known for it’s Jam session’s and even attracts local celebrity’s. If you were to look for the meaning of Jam session, this is what you would find. “An informal gathering of musicians to play improvised or unrehearsed music” There’s nothing like an impromptu Jam session and it is this alone that makes for a great night’s entertainment.




 everyone can sing