Triple B Tribe

 When entering the Triple B bar, besides the classy interior and relaxed atmosphere, you will notice a rather large centre column, situated near the pool table. This particular column is very special as it is a ceremonial place, of name leaving for the Triple B Tribe.
                If you looked in a dictionary for the word tribe, the best classification that represents the Triple B Tribe is this “A social group of person’s, compromising clans and generations who share a common character or interest “. This column does not discriminate and once you have written your name on it, you become a Triple B Tribe member for life.
                 It’s this sort of bonding experience that epitomises what Brett and Natt have introduced at the Triple B. As Brett is from Australia, he is a devout believer in the Anzac Day spirit and its history. Kanchanaburi has been established around this and there are many reminders of what was sacrificed by our countrymen and other countries in the past. Places like the Bridge on the river Kwai, Jeath museum, War museum, cemetery and last but not least, Hellfire Pass. Anzac day is a special day in Kanchanaburi for many people from all over the world and even the younger generations can sit down with the people that have served and share the bonding experience’s, listen to the telling of a great story and appreciate the history of hardship.
                What is most evident, when spending time at the Triple B is the friendliness, mateship and the fact that if you have need of anything, whether it be directions, how to do something or even a simple query, they will see you right. This is a rare commodity in todays age and for that alone, it is worth a visit.
                                                 Brett and Natt look forward to meeting you.
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