Welcome to the Triple B Bar

When travelling to Kanchanaburi, a veritable must do, is a visit to the legendary Triple B bar and restaurant. There
are many reasons to visit the beautiful province of Kanchanaburi and the Triple B is the icing on the cake. With the
western influence Brett brings from Australia and Nat’s Thai heritage, Triple B boasts an incredibly vibrant, well
presented and mouth watering menu.

The owner drinking a glass of wine

The Triple B prides itself on the motto ” What you see is what you get “. Essentially, if it’s on the menu then you
can order it. The words N/A, not available, have never been uttered because of the provisioning and stocking
experience, that is Triple B. With a sixty seat capacity and informal dining, the atmosphere is relaxing and

Opening and closing times are from 8.00 am to 2.00 am, with an all day breakfast and freshly brewed coffee from the
north of Thailand. Triple B uses local produce, such as a wide range of freshly made pies and sausage rolls. Steak
and onion, beef and mushroom, chicken, cottage pie and other tasty morsels are available with a choice of chips and
salad, mashed spud and vegies or any other request on demand. The Triple B is renowned for it’s Aussie lamb, Dutch
meatballs, Dutch middle fat bacon, groper and possibly the best burger, this side of the black stump. The kitchen
closes at midnight but bar snacks are available until closing time. Vegetarians are catered for and the Triple B is
allergy friendly. Feel free to approach the staff with any allergy requests and you will be taken care of.